Where my music comes from..’TeRra Han School’

In the Zone
TeRra Vivace

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Today, I introduce something wonderful music of mine. Well, we, human being thing, habitually or naturally thinking always where we come from, we we go.. Yes, that is always our question to ourselves. Pretty often, I was questioned by people where my music comes from, where my artistry comes from, where is my thoughts from. This might be one of the answers perhaps, this would be the answer of my artistic lineage.

I started this composition of my Sanjo school since high teen. I should have been undergoing musical crisis then after training all of kayagum repertoires in teens. It was like dark tunnel. I asked my greatest teachers. However nobody answer to me, either, to myself where my music from, where I have to go. I used to play music, kayageum and improvised my own itself. It was the starting point TeRra Han School generated.

TeRra Han School comprises 6 movements which have a length of 35 minutes. The tracks emanate from a deep-rooted pentatonic music and tempo format that starts slow and gets faster with time. But the first track “Terra’s Breathing” has no tempo rather it based on the performer’s mood. The music starts with the track TeRra Andante to the 9th one Terra Vivace. The title of each movement comes from my own tempo and beats originated from Koreans traditions. I plays it as the improvisational music style.

Koreans have a remarkable solo genre that is called ‘Sanjo.’ Which means scattered melodies, was appointed as the National Intangible Heritage of Korea. Singers in Korea devote their lives to study and complete the Sanjo music in school. After I mastered this style of music during her school times, I did this more than anyone and even created her own Sanjo style music. She became the youngest and first person to accomplish that. The 8 movement, ‘in the zone’ in the album highlights this creation I achieved while I was in a Han school during improvisation of the whole pieces.

Originally, Sanjo is performed with percussion accompaniment. But I performs solely and still accomplishes a good audience impression. Initially, at age 4, I commenced my musical career with a piano and became the winner of the National Piano Competition. However, I was urged by my mom to pursue Korean traditional music. I did so and got an alley to Eastern traditional music. Thither I discovered my own music world.

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TeRra’s Music Diaries (2020)

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