Tokyo Shimbun | A Women Briging Asia with Music

A Woman who bridging Asia in Music

-Korean Gayageum virtuoso, TeRra Han-


Tokyo Shimbun (Tokyo Times)

Oct. 15. 2015

Gomi Yoji, Senior Editor

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There is a Korean woman who is playing to connect Asian people with music. TeRra Han (34). She has studied in Japan and China and now She is continuing to work in New York. I heard a story from Han who came to Japan. (Gomi Yoji

At the end of last month, Han held a concert at the Suginami Public Hall in Suginami-ku, Tokyo

At the event of celebrating the 50th anniversary of normalization of diplomatic relations between Korea and Japan, more than one hundred and fifty Korean music fans enjoyed the delicate work of the Korean kayageum sanjo

When she was five years old, she learned traditional arts such as kayageum, pansori, and dance through her mother ‘s recommendation, and won the awards related to domestic and abroad successively and established her status as a young kayagum player

However, in Korea, interest in traditional music is blurred and it is not easy to live as a musician.

“I want to know how I keep traditional music in other countries in Asia.” I visited Japan first in 2010. I actually studied shamisen and koto as a student at the Tokyo University of the Arts and I was born in Kyoto and felt friendly with Japan

She also studied at the prestigious music conservatory of China, Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing and learned about the ancient music and culture. During her stay in China, she is also studying North Korean kayageum

“There is something in common among Asian music,” said Han, who starts off slowly and gradually speeds up

The goal is to share the values of Asian people and to feel the sense of understanding and to become a role of the bridge. Currently, she is holding a concert in New York with a variety of musicians, and is active in Japan and Korea. In April next year, she will hold a concert in Japan.

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アジアの人でつなぐ 韓の伽耶琴奏者 韓泰さんが





でアジアの人をつなごうと演奏をけている韓人女性がいる。韓泰(ハンテラ)さん(34)だ。日本と中でもび、今はニュクをベスに活動をけている。日した韓さんに話を聞いた。 (五味洋治)