The First Holidays in New York

The First Holidays in New York.
Was too busy and tight schedul since last year..
Meeting new people, moving two times in the town,,, recital…album release
and…launching TeRra publishing in the city..overworked,,

During the talking on the phone with one of my greatest teachers this early week, he stronly suggested that:

terra should stop all and take an enough rest…!

I realized that truely there were no vaccation in the peace, even,, there weas no planning to take a rest. @@ it is apparently worst life style. Goodness..Thanks my teacher,,

So..immediately closed the laptop and closed my scores and my instrument.

After all months this year, gathering with some friends…!
We had so lovely dinner of shanghai style Chinese foods and talked talked talked a lot about music, arts, cultures..and also practice Chinese speaking….!

Eventhough I am loaded down with work after this holidays again,,, enjoying unexpected this sweet time in the town…!

How to take a sweet rest:

  1. Become a sleeping beauty! Enough sleep
  2. Do not open computer
  3. Reduce grabing Smartphone!
  4. Relaxing Bath Shower in the Rose taste bubble or tea or go to SPA.
  5. Enjoy Art : Go to Museum or Gallery, or Concert!
  6. Read some books or annimations, cartoons?!
  7. Meet people who love each other… and have some delicious and healthy food~
  8. Cleaning the room
  9. Present yourself beautiful ‘FLOWERS’!
  10. Listen to lovely Music….xoxo


Recommendable Music for relaxing



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