Tokyo Recital and Live Album 2015

TeRra had a recital in the Tokyo Sugnami Public Hall which is one of the oldest and historical music hall of Japan 2015. It was officially appointed concert by Administrative of International Foreign Affairs of both Japan and Korea’s to celebrate Japan and Korea’s diplomatic relation of 50th anniversary of normalization of both countries.

TeRra performed Choi Ok Sam kayageum sanjo full version, which is National intangible heritage of South Korea No.23, and it was tour concert in Carnegie Hall, New York, SuginamiPublic Hall and National Gugak Center of Korea, 2015. As well as, the live performance album released.



Track listing

No. Title Length
1. “Daseureum” 02:22
2. “Jinyang-jo1” 04:59
3. “Jinyang-jo2” 04:10
4. “Jinyang-jo3” 04:23
5. “Jinyang-jo4” 06:56
6. “Jungmori” 07:48
7. “Jungjungmori” 02:45
8. “Neujin-jajinmori” 08:49
9. “Jajinmori” 06:27
10. “Huimori” 03:53


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