terra ON Fighting the Flu

Fighting on the Flu.

New York is these days, wholly rainy and also might be hit from hurricane Florence.

terra has already been hit FLU hurricane, now fighting on the Flu.

I was going through quite tight schedule to prepare launching something a lot new project including TeRra Daily newspaper, my new album, et.c., it made me lost seasonal change and weather sensibility..so I just slept with hot summer sleep wear. When i work up in the morning, it was unable to say anything due to soar throat T.T

It’s getting worse and worse, terra is now suffering from the FLU with coughing and soar throat and HEAVY headache..

Dear friends, please take care of yourself in this a bit weird weather and dropping water from heaven @@

Some of my friends suggested ways of remedy FLU and medicine:

  • take vitamin C
  • have Herb tea, warm
  • Have, soup, especially chicken soup is American tradition..?
  • Sufficient sleep
  • Put on warm and pretty coat ^^
  • Listen to Good music ^^

Recommendable Music


Mischa Maisky plays Bach Cello Suite No.1 in G (full)

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