Starting TeRra’s Music Diary


Me, TeRra, finally opened my music diary today. Sep.3th. 2018.

Music is my all, everything of my life.
This year, 2018 is especially, memorable, that it has been 30 years, I started music, since age 4 with piano and my lovely instrument, kayageum (or gayageum) at 6 years old. However..these days, I am questioning myself, terra! what have you done until now!!! nothing T.T

I feel need more practice, think wide and deep much more, read books, experience and explore more and love people more. Start today,again, make better music, and cultivate myself harder.

Sep. 3rd, 2018, from, New York

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What a beautiful WordPress theme! 🙂

Thank you very much, Mandy! 😉

I fully agree with Mandy!

Wow.. this is so amazing!

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