Songs from Asia, TeRra’s Special Edition Album!

Today, announce something excited news. There would be a specially edited album release next week soon ~ The album includes Asian zither instrument representative masterpieces of traditional music, such as Korean gayageum, Japanese Koto, Chinese guzheng. TeRra Han produced the album and it is live recording in each country.


This album is the package of the TeRra Gold which has published by TeRra Magazine on June. There was a special issue published as special edition of TeRra magazine, TeRra™ Gold themed of 6 heroes of TeRra™ Asia. The special edition includes the most 6 representative figures of Asia interviewed and written by TeRra Han. This special edition is for celebrating TeRra Han’s music debut 30 years and publishing of TeRra™ Print magazine on May Issue.

The songs of this album are Korean traditional vocal genre ‘Pansori’, Japanese representative folk song ‘Sakura Variations’, those pieces are accompanied with Korean kayageum and Japanese Koto, the traditional zither instruments. And also one of extraordinary piece is North Korea’s music included, ‘Bell Flower’ and Chinese Intangible heritage, Xingsan Jin’s music. Fisherman’s song which considered one of the most representative and beautiful traditional chinese songs is also included.

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Listen to Music ‘BellFlower’

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