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【NTDAY MAY 2016-05-01 Community Wide-angle Mirrors (423) The Kayageum is a traditional Korean stringed instrument made of sycamore wooden with a resonance effect. Twelve strings are struck by fingers. Come and listen to the effect of South Korea’s Gaya and the Western Viola playing together.

The Viola plays Korean-specific melodies, follows the notes of endless beauty.

The representative Western instrument viola and South Korea’s traditional stringed instrument – the voice of the Kayageum harmony meet here. Although this is a new form, but people arenfamiliar with the melodies.

TeRra Han, the kayageum virtuoso, said: “We need a better understanding of ourselves and a better understanding of our traditions if we want better lives and advancement of ourselves.  Today I tried our best to integrate Eastern and Western music.”

Kayageum playing in the traditional rhythm, the integration of fresh sounds of viola, which presents a brisk atmosphere.

Violinist Erwan Richard: “Although I had ever played with the kayageum Orchestra, I felt very different with solos(TeRra Han) by myself, and she(TeRra Han) had a lot of ideas and we did a lot of hard work to try and happily show it comes out. ”

1 hour of enthusiasm for the audience completely intoxicated during the show. The reason for its popularity is the wonderful blend of Eastern and Western music.

Oriental painter Kim Hee-hee: “The harmony between traditional music and western musical instruments goes deep into the soul, and it will be one of my long-term memories. A meaningful performance.”

Journal Le monde, Korea  representative: “I feel amazed. Especially, TeRra Han’s musical strength and the unique tone of Kayageum and Violia touched a lot with the flow of time. ”

This performance shows the endless appeal of traditional music to the audience’s visual and auditory appeal.

Kim Guang Jo, a professor in the Department of Computer Science at the Korea National Academy of Science and Technology: “From the perspective of playing harmoniously with Western music, I think traditional music can be said to be a valuable music and should continue to be inherited.”

NTDTV reporter Li Juan Seoul, South Korea

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中提琴演奏者Erwan Richard:〝我虽然和伽倻琴琴管弦乐团一起演奏过,但一个人独奏感觉很不同。而且她(韩泰来)的想法很多,我们做了很多努力,力争去愉快地把它表现出来。〞



lemondekorea公司法人代表成一权:〝我感受到了东西方美妙的和谐。韩泰来的音乐实力和 伽倻琴的独特音色,随着时间的流更能深入人心。〞




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