Queen Sohye, My grandmother teachings of royal women in Korea


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It has been long time to have you here..I am so happy to be able to keep sharing my mission to make the beautiful world. Today I would like to give you my new book upcoming this fall!

My family, Cheongju Han’s traditions through my 15th Grand great-aunt Queen Sohye

This is one of the most historical moment of my life. I eventually will have introduce my family traditions through my Grand great-mother Queen Sohye (1437~1504) who was the wife of King Deokjong and grandmother of King Seongjong, Joseon Dynasty.

Queen Sohey was a member of Cheongju Han family. Actually she was 15th Grand great-aunt in my family tree. She was the 1st woman author in Korean history left ‘Naehun‘ which was an introduction book for women in the Confucius morality at that period. Naehun was including Chinese famous classical book such as Biographies of Exemplary Women, lesser learning, Mingxin baojian, Chinese Introduction for women.

Naehun, introduction book for Royal women in the Confucius morality of East Asia

The book includes very interesting topic of ancient East Asian‘s culture, philosophy, women’s identity, etc. Such as Etiquette, filial piety, marriage, married couple’s etiquette, parents, mother, etc.

Queen Sohye the 1st women author in Korea

me, Terra is going to introduce this book by my own version in USA through translated in English and also Korean ‘Hangul’ which is Korean alphabet. I feel incredibly excited and fluttered for this project because this is what my family trandition’s introduction, as well as, the first book to introduce Korean royal women’s identity, culture and real life of Korea’s long long history.

As I am a member of Cheongju Han family as the 32th generation. My grand father always taught me our family traditions and history when I was very young child. This time also he helped me to find Queen Sohye’s legacy with me.

me, Terra introduce Naehun with my own Music~

Well, the book ‘ Naehun’ will be coming out this September 2020. I will introduce the book with my music! I believe this book will definitely help you to understand East Asian women’s identity and experience also royal cultures and life in Korea.

In the meantime, we will be staying connected here !


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