My music, My dance.. Absorbed in The Swan (1886) Saint-Saens.

New instrument ‘TeRra’ invented by Terra Han

Music arrangement, dance choreography and performed by Terra Han

Hi there,

How are you these days…! I am hoping you very well and safe especially these all confused period due to the Covid19 pandemic. I am always hoping to get all recover soon for all of us.

Today, I would like to introduce my music and the video. I sincerely hope you love it. Because, this is one of my most precious ‘hand-made’ music works. How could I say this ..? Because this is the piece containing my music, dance and my new instrument TeRra.

You everybody know the famous french song, ‘The Swan’ by one of the most famous french composer ‘Camille Saint-saens. Now I brought the song here with my music and dance, it can be…ultimately my dream works.

“The Swan” is the number two track in the album “TeRra’s Music Diaries.” It came about when I performed in the Carnival of the animals composed by the fremch composer, Camille Saint-saens (1886). The carnival consists of a humorous musical suite of fourteen movements. And On the 13th of the movement called “The Swan”, I performed with my new invented instrument named “TeRra.” 

Proudly with my musical instrument TeRra which filled the air with pleasant sounds, I showcased my amazing talent so hard that it was entered the best arrangement album, best music video. The performance is presently included in my Album as a track and I also called it “The Swan.

I am proud of this this particular achievement did once again prove that my effort to combine multiple arts forms. The song is utterly an ORTHOGONAL West and East profound musical belief. I wanted to performance showcased wondrous artwork of diverse forms. Including the Korean modern-ethic improvisational dance with patterns and fashion. The instrumental was deep Western classical music, played with the extraordinary new invented instrument of hers called TeRra as my own name.

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