My Dress Always with Music


Ever since TeRra started music in Seoul, South Korea in 1986, she has been a designing her stage dresses by herself for better combination of her music. TeRra colleection represents the best of Made in with its inimitable combination of opulence, high artisanry and contemporary glamour based in highly inspired musician’s spirit.

TeRra -TeRra Han Fashion Collection- is Haute Couture Luxury fashion house of designs music inspired by TeRra Han. High fashion. Traditional craftsmanship by TeRra Han’s Global Artistic consciousness. TeRra embodies all these characteristics, producing exquisitely crafted high qualified fashion works with a thoroughly cutting edged modern sensibility.

TeRra Han, Kayageum, Gayageum, Boston Korea, MIT

TeRra Han’s first fashion exibition and collection held in Tokyo, Japan 2013 and 2017 she founded official fashion house in New York City. Ms. Han’s collection shows transcendent time and space which means geographycally the Eastern and Western since ancient times to future trends inspire by her music.

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