TeRra Han Granted from the Rockefeller Fund

terra han

TeRra Han, a young Korean classical musician, As the first fellow of Kayageum player of The Rockefeller Foundation, Asian Cultural Council, New York individually granted.

4/5/2012 ::: Korean Daily, The Biggest Nationwide Korean-American Newspaper :::

Jusarang Lee, Reporter

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During the Fellowship period, Mr. Han moved away from the boundary of Korean traditional music,

it is said that she was able to widen her music world by touching the evil ones. Last month, the Asian Cultural Council, New York (ACC) held special private concert in the building for her and she received applause from other audiences. Finally, I met Han who will leave New York after finishing, April.

– How do you feel about finishing the fellowship?

“I did not know why New York was the center of culture and art, and over time, I was impressed as I realized I was enjoying arts. In the musical part, I’ve learned a lot about neutrality and non-authority. The music culture of New York and the United States I study a lot of rent and go back. ”

– How was the fellowship selected?

“I had a international debut recital in San Francisco in 2008. At that time, fortunately, director of ACC attended my performance and suggested the fellowship.

I was selected in 2010, and I was in New York last October because I was working in Japan. At first, it was tough to accustomed to NYC’s atmosphere and life, so hard emotionally that just about to give up and go back. But I got a lot of help from ACC families.

Last month’s performances also opened with a special chance at ACC, although it was rare to open a concert for grantees.”

– Gayageum would have been strange to American people.

“When I first came to New York, I was a lot worried. How do American people accept traditional music? By the way, they liked it. Kayageum is a Korean musical instrument, but I do not think it should be the only sound of Korea. We are speaking English I think it is a means of kayageum, as in Korean and Japanese. I am impressed by many people through this instrument. I want to give a sound that gives power. ”

Her original dream was a pianist. She has been playing piano since she was 4 years old. Then she went to the National Traditional Music Middle School (Premiere Korean Music school for teens) Since then, she has been majoring in Kayageum and has been pursuing her doctorate and master’s degree at Seoul National University. So to speak, “Elite” classical musician.

It was Han who stepped on the course but could not hold onto a dream for a wider world.

– Did you have trouble as a musician?

“I was worried why I could not reach more people. If I had keep piano, I would meet more people in a wider world. I would have been able to communicate much easier, but I felt less deserted because there were fewer people and less demand and supply.

‘I love gayageum and the music so why is gayageum so hard? Why would not many people be interested? ”

I did it. As I entered college, I was faced with a conflict between pop and fine arts. ”

– What did you conclude?

“I was tired, but I thought ‘impression’, ‘touching heart’ was the most important thing. It was amazing to be able to move people’s minds with my music.

I wanted to do music. Until then, it was only important to concentrate on myself, to improve my skills and to improve the quality of my performance. By the way, it seems to be a part of my whole life. Now I feel it is also meaningful to share what I have studied and accumulated with others.

I wanted to play music. So, beyond the limits I have been working in Korea,

I was curious as to how to handle and communicate in my neighboring country, so I worked on my Doctoral courses, during the project  this fellowship is also selected. ”

– There was no against to coming to New York.

“It’s a very conservative group of traditional music,” she said.

I was there. I am a traditional musician, but I wanted to open my dreams freely and make good music. In the global era, I have been wondering if I should be shouting the sound of Korea until then. Nowadays, it is better to make something

If your music and performance value it, you will be recognized. Of course, it is clear that our tradition is precious and that new things come out of there. I think it is necessary. ”

– What is the international competitiveness of gayageum?

“I do not think there is any familiar musical instruments like gayageum. 100% silk-stringed string, and with no fingers artificial tools, it is being played. This ‘live sound’ is very extraordinary. It is not an artificial sound but a sound coming from my body. Story in terms of musical genres

I personally think that one of the characteristics of our music is Han (恨, deep sorrow), and one is Shinmyeong (神明 joy as far as god cry). The shedding is so frizzy

It is an exciting thing to do as long as God is crying. If you play well, you know this emotion, regardless of who you are.

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