Korea Times: Korean Traditional Music

Korean Traditional Music

Korea Times, 05/23/2008

“I took some classes of world musicology at Seoul National University, but I got to have this opportunity of concert with recommendation of people’s who know about globalization and commercialization of Korean classical music.”


On Thursday, 22nd, at 7 pm, TeRra Han, who has a kayageum concert at Samsung Hall Asian Art Museum, said about the occasion of the SF performance. TeRra Han (27), who got the second concert this year after last year, was born in Seoul and started piano from 5 years old. Ms. Han, who obtained her master’s degree from Seoul National University, is currently working at the Seongnam Municipal Music Orchestra as a kayageum player. Ms. Han won the Special Prize of Korean Music Association Student Contest, National Kayageum Contest Grand Prize, and National Cheongju Gayageum Contest of Korea Gold Prize.

“I think that there is a possibility that people around the world can sympathize with Korean traditional music,” Han said, “The interest in Korean traditional music has been increasing worldwidely since the 1900s. Han said, “The sound of kayageum is soft and clear, as good as other Western instruments.”

Ms. Han studied kayageum under Chae-Suk Lee and Jung-ja Kim, professors of Seoul National University, Respectively. Particularly before the start of the second part, the artist Kim Yeon-ok, a tea artist, showed tea ceremony.

After the concert, TeRra Han will perform in Seattle on September 23 and Hawaiian on September 27.

“It’s good enough echo circumstance in the hall, so there’s no need for a separate microphone,” Han said.

<Park Seung-Beom reporter> sbpark@koreatimes.com


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