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It’s has been long time to be with you here…! Today, I bring wonderful news for you. I finally announce my new album release ‘TeRra’s Music Diaries’. This is something very special album of my entire life. I produced, composed, poetry, all is created by myself. More specially, my new instrument TeRra debut through this album.

Album ‘TeRra’s Music Diaries’ has been entered for the 63rd Grammy Awards 2020. The album was released on all main music online stores and streaming platform such as Apple music, Google, Amazon, Spotify. It’s the first album she has created in the USA. And in the nick of time, it garnered a lot of popularity. The album is indeed a true work of art and was composed, produced, and performed by Terra herself.

When I make music, I put myself to it because I want to communicate to people through the heart and music is the most effective way of doing that. With my songs, I can transform lives for the greater good, because my songs contain powerful magic. Instantly, when people get to listen to my song powerful magical energy moves around to bring fortune and luck to them. My music also heals the sick.

The new album “TeRra’s Music Diaries” encompasses 9 melodious tracks, they are the following listed below:

1.Happy Magic TARAHOROVA©
2.The Swan(Saint Saens).
-TeRra Han School-
3.TeRra Breathing
4.TeRra Andante.
5.TeRra Moderato.
6.TeRra Allegretto.
7.TeRra Allegro.
8. In the zone.
9.Terra Vivace.

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This new album holds all genres of music ranging from the early ancestry sounds to even today’s hip hop. I did this to make sure that no one is left out from the magical blessings because they dislike ancient Korean music. I entirely made my music compatible with all. With this album, she is sharing with the world the rich heritage and ancient culture of the Korean people. Some of her tracks when played relieves the mind with magic, eliminating worries. This is extremely beneficial because this modern era of keeping up with technology has caused a lot of anxiety.

Let’s sing a song ‘TARAHOROVA’ ! It is Power of Miracle !

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