Grammy’s Recording Academy Victory of MMA Party!

Fun, but Meaningful Night

Last week, there was a fun, but meaningful night.
It was a celebrating party for Music Moderdinization Act VICTORY!


Moments ago, the Music Modernization Act officially passed both Houses of Congress and is on its way to the President’s desk for signature.


Since 2014, the Recording Academy has championed comprehensive music licensing reform—a call echoed by an array of industry stakeholders and music creators. Congress listened, and in September 2018 unanimously passed the Music Modernization Act!


The Music Modernization Act, the biggest update to music legislation in the past 40 years, impacts hundreds of thousands of music creators nationwide, and future generations. The Act unites provisions from across the music community under one legislative umbrella to ensure advancement and protections for all music creators.


Several month ago, I had met with lawmakers in New York City district and our recording academy members, and our members blanketed congressional offices with thousands of emails, turned up the volume on social media, and marched in the halls of the Capitol. Our member’s hard work has paid off, and the passage of the MMA will benefit music creators for generations to come.


So…The Recording Academy held celebrating party for this historical acts!

I have met our members, great musicians and also administrative staffs there, it was fun, but also memorable and meaningful night. I think,,,I am really happy terra. thank you there…!



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