TeRra Han (한테라, 韓泰來) Han TeRra is widely recognized as a TeRra virtuoso and inventor. Also, she is the pioneer of Global music as one of the musical genres.

She is a musician, was a child prodigy performing by age 6. She was a child prodigy was performing by age 6.  She began her training in the Western classical music and the Korean traditional performing arts, including singing and dancing, at the age of 4. Furthermore, Ms. Han has studied other Eastern zither traditions including the Japanese koto, the Chinese guzheng, and North Korea’s music represented in China. She has released more than 10 solo albums and numerous chamber and orchestra recordings.

Ms. Han is the first grantee of Blanchette Rockefeller Fund of kayageum, Asian Cultural Council in New York. TeRra had debut stage at the Carnegie Hall as the youngest Korean traditional musicians of a few who ever had a recital and TeRra was admitted voting member of the Grammy Awards as few Asian traditional musicians by the Recording Academy in USA.

Han holds a B.A. and M.A. degrees from Seoul National University and researched Asian zither traditions including dancing at the Tokyo University of the Arts and Central Conservatory of Music in China. She is studying data science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology for a Micromaster

Beautiful & Thankful Words for TeRra

“TeRra, Beautiful dancer and musician as if a spirit medium in her born originality .”-Sukhi Kang, South Korean Composer

“Gifted TeRra, Extraordinary talents” – Chaesuk Lee, Kayageum Master

“I had never made those sounds at her ages as like she’s doing now, there is nothing impossible for her to create whatever sounds with her fingers, truly genius TeRra!”– Jungsuk Kang, National Intangible Heritage of Korea No.23.

“TeRra is bridging Asia with music, not only for music also linguistic genius. – (五味洋次, 東京新聞 -Tokyo Simbun ) Gomi Yoji, The Tokyo Times

“Beautiful and gifted TeRra, I have fallen in love with her music. From the ancient times to 21C Avant-garde, TeRra leads the way!” – Etienne-Rolland Piegue,  French Ambassador

“I’ve been to a lot of performances but I have never seen an audience so mesmerized, completely moved and animated, and connected as TeRra’s. Even many Indians who were very proud and  stunned as Asians, all we were full of intense waves of emotion.” Makris Nicholas, American Scientist at MIT

“So Beautiful, So Talented, So Smart and So Special TeRra, Respect!”– John Zorn, American Composer.