TeRra Han, kayageum virtuoso

Bridging East and West, Reconciling Past and Present, work of art of ancient times that had come to life.

— The Epoch Times, New York

TeRra Han Performance at the Seoul Museum of Arts 2014

“Gifted Talent from Heaven, Genius TeRra..”– Chaesuk Lee, Kayageum maestro, Emeruites Professor of Seoul National University, Member of National Arts Institute of Korea.

“Extraordinary sounds to her hands from Heaven, Genius TeRra'”– Jungsuk Kang, Kayageum maestro, National Intangible Heritage of Korea No.23.

“So Beautiful, So Talented, So Smart and So Special TeRra, Respect!”– John Zorn, American Composer.

“From the Ancient to 21C Avant-garde, TeRra leads the way!” – French Ambassador, Etienne-Rolland Piegue.

“A Maestro who saved girl genius, composer Sukhi Kang and TeRra Han, kayageum virtuoso.”-The Korea Times, Mar. 2014.

“I want to make the world more beautiful with my music, I don’t want my music to just exist as if in a museum.”

— TeRra Han, Korean kayageum virtuoso

TeRra Han recital at the Suginami public hall in Tokyo, 2015

TeRra Han

Kayageum Virtuoso, Composer, Dancer

Han TeRra (한테라, 韓泰來: 1981~) is widely recognized as one of the most outstanding and exceptional kayagŭm (12-string zither) musicians in Korea. Ms. Han was a child prodigy and was performing by age 8. She began her training in classical Korean music and traditional performing arts, including singing and dancing, at the age of five. In addition, Ms. Han has researched other Asian zither traditions including the Japanese koto, the Chinese jaeng, and North Korea’s music represented in China.

Ms. Han has received numerous awards and fellowships, including the National Commission for UNESCO of Korea and the Blanchette Rockefeller Fund, Asian Cultural Council in New York. She also serves as an honorary ambassador of the Korean Center for International Affairs, member of the Korean Zither’s Association, and member of Asian Musicology. Ms. Han  holds B.A. and M.A. degrees from Seoul National University. She has released six solo albums and numerous chamber and orchestra recordings. She is called ‘moving work of art’ for her combined brilliant artistry.

Sep. 29th. 2015, TeRra had debut stage at the Carnegie Hall in New York. It was actually internationally world premier that Choi Ok Sam sanjo full version performed and she was the youngest Korean traditional musicians of a few who ever had a recital at the Carnegie hall. April, 2016, TeRra Han was admitted voting member of the Grammy Awards* as few Asian traditional musicians by the National Academy of Recording Arts & Science in the United States.