Beloved terra* from Roman Barnas

me, terra.

terra thinks..i am beloved, terra,,..

Several days ago, one of the most prominents violin artisan gave me (and TeRra magazine)  lovely celebrating meessage.

In the brown tone, warm and calm atmostphere background and lighting, the message looks so elegant and it also streaming ‘WOOD’ feeling, make us feel comfortable and warm as well as like his artistic craftship spirit!


The messages are:

You, connect the world with beautiful stories,
Congratulations and thank you, TeRra Han!
Sincerely, Roman Barnas




Our relationship has started about since 8 years ago in Boston. My instrument was broken on the plane, he had repaired it, so the instrument regenerated stronly…!


Do you want to know more stories and about him and his artisanship..?

Please read here more, Click

His one of the favorite violinist is, Anne Sophie Mutter who is also one of my favorite..!
We will share together her music today.


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