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The Swan – TeRra’s Music Diaries 2020




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TeRra’s Music Diaries’ is entered for the 63rd Grammy Awards 2020

Empowering Lives with strong magical songs. The influential new album “Terra Han’s Diary” created by inventor and virtuoso TeRra Han has been entered for the 2020 Grammy Awards. The album was released on Spotify and youtube. It’s the first album she has created in the USA. And in the nick of time, it garnered a lot of popularity. The album is indeed a true work of art and was composed, produced, and performed by Terra herself. 

The new album “Album TeRra’s Music Diary” encompasses 9 melodious tracks, they are the following listed below:

  1. Happy Magic TARAHOROVA
  2. The Swan (Camille Saint-Saens, 1886)
  3. Terra Breathing
  4. Terra Andante
  5. Terra Moderato
  6. Terra Allegretto
  7. Terra Allegro
  8. In the zone
  9. Terra Vivace

Terra Han’s new album holds all genres of music ranging from the early ancestry sounds to even today’s hip hop. She did this to make sure that no one is left out from the magical blessings because they dislike ancient Korean music. She entirely made her music compatible with all. Terra as a member of the Cheongju Han Family of the 32nd generation has been thoroughly educated on the Korean family traditions. With this album, she is sharing with the world the rich heritage and ancient culture of the Korean people. Some of her tracks when played relieves the mind with magic, eliminating worries. This is extremely beneficial because this modern era of keeping up with technology has caused a lot of anxiety.

This magic, that can be made very effective with music, has been practiced for ages. The ancient Korean people, kings, queens, and royals have been utilizing these magical powers hidden in good melodious tunes to bring themselves good luck and heal their illnesses. What Terra has done for the modern world is completely amazing. She has brought back this ancient secret and made it easily accessible to all.